Sunday, 14 March 2021

Captivating Classifiers in Year 4!

Last Friday for Science, we voyaged outdoors and looked at some micro-habitats within our school ground. We identified living things including grass, plants, flowers, worms and spiders. Some children also identified twigs and leaves along the trail. 

We are going to compare what we see now towards the end of winter, to the summer time. There should be lots of differences as the seasons change! 

"It's so cool how livings things are also plants and leaves, not just animals!" - Kyriq, Ash

"I didn't know that there were Birch and Ash trees on our school grounds..." - Lilly W, Birch

"Our school ground is a habitat of grassland mainly, but the hoola-hoops represented micro-habitats." - Teddie, Larch


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