Monday, 8 March 2021

LIVE: Our Year Four News Reporters! 08.03.2021

 By the Year Four Team

Today, our Year Four classes learned about the key features of newspaper reports, including headlines, by lines, quotes and captions. We investigated some amazing articles about topics ranging from Stephen Hawking, to endangered pandas, to robots that give hugs! We also discussed how important it is to have newspapers and to share valuable information across the world. 

We then used our new reporting skills to become reporters ourselves. Each group had camera-people, reporters, interviewees and presented their report to their class. What amazing budding journalists we have. 

Larch class hard at work, showing lots of reciprocity.

Birch Class presenting their reports to their class.

"The news is important because it informs us of current issues," - Iyinope, Ash Class

"News presenters need to read very quickly, making sure they say all the necessary information and facts and not let their audience get bored," - Richie, Ash Class

What a wonderful way to begin this new term Year Four. We are so happy to have you all back and so ready to learn. 

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