Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Daring Division in Year 4!

Today in maths, Year 4 recapped dividing 2 digit numbers (e.g., 72 ÷ 3). We used practical resources to help us: dienes and place value counters.

"When we couldn't put the tens into equal groups, we had to exchange it for 10 ones. Then, we were able to divide the ones into equal groups!" - Layla, Ash

"I find it's easier for me when I partition the number into tens and ones. Then I can divide it!" - Keira, Ash 

"It's so much easier to divide by putting them in groups with the counters!" - Fiki, Larch

"When you have tens left over, you have to exchange them into ones." - Daisy, Birch

Well done, children!

You can watch Mrs Claxton explain the method we use at school with practical resources. 

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