Friday, 11 February 2022

Fantastic Fact Finders in Year 3


What a busy week of learning the Year 3 children have had finishing off their Literacy topic on the book, The Village That Vanished by writing a fact file on the Yao people.

The children began the week by taking on the role of researchers, they had to use their reciprocity skills to work collaboratively in order to find out as much information as they could about their chosen subheadings.

The children then got busy making notes and bullet points before applying their Literacy skills to organise their notes into paragraphs. 

They then applied their reflectiveness knowledge to ensure that their work was of the best standard that it could be by using the edit and evaluate tool to up level what they had written. Next, the children got to share the love with their peers and tell each other what it was they loved about their work.

Finally, at the end of a fantastic week of research and writing the children had the opportunity to present their report to their peers.

Well done Year 3 on your amazing fact files all about the Yao people, the Year 3 teachers had a great time reading all of the amazing facts that you found out.

"I know that 60% of the Yao people live in China" - Manuella

"Yao people eat honey from beehives" - Louie-Ray

"Yao people live in East Africa, mostly in Tanzania, Mozambique and Malawi" - Megan

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