Friday, 4 February 2022

Year 3 Certificates


Year 3 have had a busy week consolidating their learning and completing their Spring assessments. The children have all worked incredibly hard and the Year 3 teachers are super proud of every one of you. 

Well done Year 3!

Our certificate winners this week are:

E for Excellence: Asad, Grace and Elyakim

Star Writer: Chisom, Macie and Lily -Anne

Teacher Happy: Billie, Zuriel and Simon

4R's: Louise and Ali

Rockstars: Simon, Louie-Ray, Pranav, Annabel, Niamh, Amber, Max, Irfan, Eddie, Meerab, Maxi, Shivanshi, Manreet, Macie, Olivia, Elise, Zuriel, George K, Liam and Jake

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