Thursday, 24 February 2022

Year 3 Mosaic Volcano Art 24.2.22

 This term, year 3 are reading a new book called Escape from Pompeii in Literacy. To deepen their knowledge and understanding of Pompeii, we discussed Mount Vesuvius and learned some fun facts such as it is located in Italy and it is 1281m high! The children used their reflectiveness skills to link the idea that this volcano is on the front cover of our book. 

In Art, the children created some beautiful mosaic volcanos to represent Mount Vesuvius and they were very excited to show you their work! 

We were very impressed with Lexi's extra homework that she did when she went home! Lexi did an excellent painting of Mount Vesuvius! Well done, what a little artist you are!

'I loved creating Mount Vesuvius using Mosaic tiles' - Ruta 

'We all enjoyed drawing and loved using different colour tiles' - Megan and Ryan 

'It was so fun creating Mount Vesuvius' - Annabel 

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