Monday, 28 February 2022

Year Four and their new Spring Novel!


Year Four have begun their new book in literacy this week; the Boy in the Girls' Bathroom by Louis Sachar. When we begin a story, each class enjoys using their reading skills to make predictions about the storyline and events of the book and to make inferences and judgements about the characters we meet. 

To further ingross ourselves in our story and to empathise with our characters, we have undertaken different activities to delve into the world of Bradley Chalkers. Year four used their investigation skills to interview and their imaginations to answer questions from the perspectives of our new characters. 

We also participated in classroom debates about important topics of a healthy classroom and why might our characters make bad choices. 

"I think Bradley makes bad choices because he is scared and unhappy." - Viviana, Ash. 

"A healthy classroom is safe, with lots of learning and some fun." - Nevaeh, Larch.

"I think Bradley is misunderstood." - Tiffany, Birch. 


Well done to Year Four for using such a wide range of skills this week to immerse ourselves in this new book and to master a deeper understanding of reading skills. 

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