Friday, 4 February 2022

Outdoor Learning for Year 3 !


This week in Year 3, the children have taken their science learning outdoors. The children have been learning about what a force is and how friction works. We discussed how we could investigate friction and what we would need to do in order to carry out the investigation. All the children made a prediction about which surface would create the most friction and which surface would allow the car to travel the furthest distance. We went outside and carried out the investigation, looking at fair testing and how we were only changing one variable. All children showed great reciprocity, working together to set up, investigate and draw conclusions from their investigation. 

" I predict that the car travels the furthest on the pavement." - Francesca 
“The pavement has the least friction” - Amber 
“The grass has the most friction.” - Max
“The angel of the ramp has to be the same.” -Bernardo 

Well done Year 3 on working sensibly outside together and carrying out a great investigation !

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