Thursday, 21 September 2017

Ash class have a go at being Historians!

It has been a busy week so far for Ash class!
Tuesday afternoon, Ash class worked in groups to compete in ordering historical timelines!

We learnt some new vocabulary: chronology, BCE and CE.
At the end of the lesson we made a human timeline.

The class worked together, sharing ideas and showed resilience when they found the task challenging.
Keep up the excellent work Ash!

Miss Daly :)

Classifying animals in Ash class

This week,  Year 4 have started their Science topic based on the 'Environment, Ecology, and Evolution'

In Ash class, we were all given images and we had to classify them into different groups.
We were able to group them based on size, colour or species.

We had a lot of fun working in groups exploring the different classifications. 

There was fantastic team work skills spotted by Miss Daly around the room.
All of Ash class were displaying reciprocity.

Miss Daly

Chronology takes a Leap Forward in Birch Class

Yesterday afternoon, Birch Class took on the challenge of getting to grips with historical timelines! Each group was given many different periods of history which they had to order.

The tricky part came when Birch class had to taken into account that some of the dates were BCE and some were CE. Using their new chronological awareness, the groups managed to set their timelines right, as Jorja can be seen doing here!

Excellent reciprocity, Birch class! Your new knowledge will come in handy during every single future history lesson!

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Year 3 Travel Back in Time!

As part of Year 3's wow day on Tuesday, the children entered Broadford's time machine and were transported all the way back to the early age of man! The children were taken to their very own stone age dwelling and transformed its walls into a work of art!

They worked together to create some fabulous cave paintings, making sure to stay true to the time period they were in.

Some depicted brave warriors in battle while others decided to show a normal day's hunting in the life of a stone age man.

We are so impressed with the final result, definitely a piece of work to be very proud of! Great job Sequoia and Hazel!

Monday, 18 September 2017

Year 3 Spellings W/C 18.09.17

 Please find below Year 3's spellings for this week. Please encourage your child to practise every day in order to be ready for the test on Friday.

Year 4 Spellings W/C 18.09.17

Please find below the spellings for this week.
The test will be on Friday, please encourage your pupils to complete as homework every evening.

:) Miss Daly and Mr Nicol

Friday, 15 September 2017

Ash's aspirations

In Ash class we have discussed what we want to do well at this school year.

Last week, we discussed the importance of aspirations and having high expectations both in and outside the classroom.

We all want to try our best and make this 'the best year yet'.

In our classroom we have created a display to remind ourselves to 'aim for the moon'.

Year 4 Intrepid Explorers:

Miss Daly asked us:

'Imagine if you saw the moon for the first time in your rocket!'