Monday, 18 November 2019

Year 3 - Spellings 18.11.19

Year 4 History - Museum walk

Last week, year 4 had the opportunity to look at different historical sources. They learned the difference between primary and secondary sources, and then explored a ‘museum of sources’ where they got to see and touch various artefacts such as Roman coins, lamps and Egyptian papyrus paper. Students then discussed why primary sources are so important for historians to understand and study the past.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Year 4 Certificates 15/11/19

It was a fantastic week in Ash, and these children won some brilliant awards! Keep it up!

Resilience: Finley

Reciprocity: Lily

Reflectiveness: Kanishka

Resourceful: Nela

Friday, 15 November 2019

Year 3 certificates 15/11/19

Made my teacher happy - Jason and Elsie-Rose
Rockstars - Elsie-Rose and Ritchie 
Resilience - Archie

Amelie - Resourcefulness
Izaan - Presentation
Layla-Rose - Resilience 

Saarah - Reciprocity
Tirenioluwa and Taylor - Resilience

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Yr4 science experiment 14/11/19!

Dear Parents and children of Year 4 (Ash and Birch),

Please can you arrange your child to bring on Thursday (14/11/19);

  • rubber bands (of different widths/lengths if possible!)

and either;
  • a cardboard/shoe/cereal/tissue box with a small hole in the middle, or, 
  • an empty tin can 

Image result for rubber bands different sizesImage result for cardboard box with holeImage result for empty tin cans

If this is not possible, don't worry! Children will be able to partner up. 

Thank you very much.

Miss Young and Miss Islam

Year 3 - Spellings 11.11.19

Monday, 11 November 2019

Year 4 Roman army reenactment

For the glory of Rome!!

This week year 4 students were transported back to Roman Britain and inducted in to the most elite of ancient armies - The Roman Empire! Ash and Birch faced off in a battle for who could demonstrate the best Roman battle formations. We have been learning about ancient armies in topic, and one reason why the Romans were able to defeat the Greeks was because of their superior battle tactics. The Roman Empire deployed 3 formations in the course of a battle:

The Wedge

The Tortoise

The Orb

As the children completed the formations , they reflected on how disciplined Roman soldiers had to be to follow orders and not let their fellow soldiers down. Some children felt brave, strong and focused as they participated in the formations, while others said they would probably panic in a real battle! (Safe to say we are thankful we'll never know!) Both classes showed great resourcefulness and reciprocity, however it was Ash class who came away with the win as they were able to protect the Standard and also perform the Tortoise manoeuvre to escape.