Friday, 13 July 2018

Soluble or Insoluble? Sequoia investigate!

Last week in Science, Sequoia class were investigating whether substances are soluble - able to dissolve in a liquid - or insoluble - not able to dissolve.

They looked at five different powders: flour, salt, sugar, sand and coffee and conducted an experiment to discover which powders were soluble and which were insoluble.

"I thought the flour was soluble, because I thought it had dissolved but I realised there was still flour left at the bottom of the cup, so it was in fact insoluble!" - James, Sequoia 

"My salt didn't completely dissolve in the water, so I thought it was insoluble. However, I concluded that maybe the temperature of the water was not high enough and that is why the salt did not dissolve." - Ruben, Sequoia

Great scientific work, Sequoia!

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