Sunday, 24 April 2022

Fantastic Fractions in Year 3 !

 In maths this term, Year 3 are learning about Fractions. This week the children have been learning about equal parts and how to recognise and find a half, quarter and a third. All children have demonstrated their resourcefulness skills this week, finding concrete objects to use to help them find fractions of amounts and then using their computing skills to photograph the work they have completed. The children will continue with their learning of fractions next week, looking at both unit and non-unit fractions. 

"Finding a half is the same as dividing by 2 !" - Annabel

"The numerator is at the top and the denominator is at the bottom." - Flynn

" This is so much fun - I love using the multilink !" - Billie
" The denominator is the total amount of parts we have." - Kenzie 

“We divide by the denominator!” - Megan 

“It was fun using pasta to make equal groups!” - Shivanshi

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