Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Naughty elephants squirt water...

Yesterday in maths we were aiming to describe movement using the four main cardinal compass points. Of course, Willow maths set were willing to take on a challenge, commencing with round 1: the children tightly shut their eyes and had to turn in the direction called (north, east, south, west). If they turned in the wrong direction, unfortunately they sat. After, we upped the stakes with round two, this time incorporating a greater range of mathematical vocabulary: clockwise, anti-clockwise, 90/180/270/360 degree turns, quarter/half/three-quarter/full rotation turns etc. After experimenting with the language, the children took ownership over the learning in round 3. The children were presented with a quantity of cones, which they had to avoid. One partner was blindfolded, whilst the other gave instructions incorporating their new found language. Check out the video uploaded on Facebook to see.

Fantastic work Willow, keep it up!

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