Sunday, 26 March 2017

Practical Division in Birch Maths

Out of addition, multiplication, subraction and division, it is often division that is the trickiest to wrap your head around! Last week, Birch Maths were attacking the challenge of formal division with the help of multilink. They quickly realised that without knowing your times tables, division can become a rather troublesome challenge!

Nevertheless, after some well-reasoned group work, and a fair few games of rockstar tennis, students were able to break down and conquer some of the word problems that were in front of them, which showed excellent resilience

A growth mindset will be needed for this word problem which is worth 10 house points for the first correct answer!
Imagine that you had 537 match attack cards and 6 friends, all of whom want to play. You decide to share your cards out equally between you and your 6 friends.
A) How many cards would each person receive?
After playing for a while, 2 new friends join you.
B) How many cards would each person have now? Would there be any remainders?
Answer in the comments below!

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