Sunday, 19 March 2017

School Council visit the Houses of Parliament

The members of the School Council had the amazing opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament last Thursday. The pupils were shown how our country makes new laws and the rules of Parliament were explained to them. We were given our own private tour and even got to sit in the House of Commons to watch an ongoing debate. After our tour, we were allowed to have our very own debate where each member of the School council voted for a new law. We then debated and argued why this new law would/would not benefit the country. It was an extremely informative trip and I can say we all definitely came away having learnt something new!

'Did you know that in the House of Commons, when they all stand up it is because they have something they want to say?' - Ronnie, Year 3.

'The Houses of Parliament are divided into: The House of Lords, The House of Parliament and The Monarch,' - Leo, Year 4.

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