Thursday, 23 March 2017

Pompeii Adventure!

After learning about Pompeii during our topic on Volcanoes, Oliver Stay was so fascinated and intrigued, that he was lucky enough to visit Pompeii! He got to see Mount Vesuvius and the total destruction it left behind when it erupted hundreds of years ago in Pompeii! 
Fortunately, the volcano is now extinct which meant that Oliver could walk all the way up to the Volcano's crater! He mentioned how he wished he had a jacket during his venture up the volcano, as the higher he climbed, the colder it got. 
Hazel class really enjoyed listening to Oliver's journal which he had written during his visit. We also loved looking at all the pictures Oliver took, as well as browsing through the Pompeii book with 'Then' and 'Now' images. Thanks for sharing your amazing experience with us Oliver!

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