Sunday, 12 March 2017

Angles everywhere!

This week in Maths, Willow set have been exploring angles in depth. Naturally, we had heard of a right angle, we knew it was 90 degrees, but did we actually truly understand what that meant?

The answer... a resounding no.

To begin with this week, we looked at the three main angle types: obtuse, acute and a right angle.
Bringing out our competitive side, the children engaged in 'Angle Snap.' The same rules applied as in normal snap, but this time the children had to snap when the angle of the same typed appeared. Needless to say, the children became absorbed in the game and 'obtuse, acute and right angle' could be heard from all corners of the room, followed with explanations as to why they had snapped.

The following day, we focused on contextualising the children's learning. We were learning about angles in Maths, but what is the point you ask? Will we ever use angles in real life you ask? The children soon discovered their answer to this, by venturing outside to spot all types of angles...



Right angles

Super work Willow, pleased to see you applying your learning :)

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