Thursday, 18 October 2018

Fabulous Roman Formations In Year 4!

Year 4 have been learning all about the Roman Army during our topic lessons. We are exploring why the Romans were so powerful and effective in battle. In addition to their superior combat skills and weaponry, the Romans had highly efficient battle tactics. After learning about a variety of attack and defense formations in class, it was time for Ash and Birch to be put to the test! The young Roman trainee soldiers marched to the battle field, with Birch holding the 'standard' of Rome. What ensued was a fierce battle that started off with 'The Wedge'; an attack formation in the shape of a 'V', with a centurion at the point. The aim was to charge at the enemy with theigladiÄ« (rulers), splitting the barbarian force straight down the middle. The opposing force then performed two strategic maneuvers - 'The Tortoise' and 'The Orb'. Some students organised their scutums (whiteboards) to create a protective layer around themselves (like a tortoise) in an attempt to advance towards their enemy and gain ground, while others raced to protect the archers, officers and standard of Rome. 'The Orb' is only to be used as a last resort to try to save Rome's honour.

As a result of this activity, students were able to experience first-hand which formations were most effective or difficult to perform, and were able to include this in their non-chronological report that they are writing in literacy. They also reflected on how important discipline and organisation was to the success of the Roman Army. As the dust settled on our historic battle, Ash class did walk away with the standard of Rome, however this is still being hotly disputed among historians...

"Protect the Standard!!" - Vinnie

"It was actually really hard to stay in the 'V' shape" - Ruben

"The Wedge was the best because they scarpered when we charged at them" - Joshua

The Wedge
The Tortoise
The Orb

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