Sunday, 28 October 2018

Year 4 - Google Slides!

This week in computing the children have been working on developing their own Google Slide presentations. They each selected a topic in which they were interested/passionate about and have been set the task to create a number of slides giving information on this topic. 

When it is complete and the criteria has been met, they will then have the opportunity to present their slides to other children in the School.

"Mine is all about quad bikes, I am going to research how they are built and put a slide in about that! I have already inserted a video too!" Lewis

"I am doing it on Jeff Kinney, my favourite author. I am going to use a font like the diary of a Wimpy Kid one." Laciey

"Mine is all about maths and how to be a mathematician" James

The children will be adding to their presentation over the coming weeks and have been told they are allowed to work on them from home should they wish. 

    As a result of this task the children will be able to:
  • understand how networks and the internet provide opportunities for communication and collaboration 
  • select and use a variety of software
  • collect and present information 
  • use technology safely and respectfully

I can't wait to see the finished products! 

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