Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Year 4 - Chromebook Experts!

Wow what a fantastic few weeks it has been in Year 4! The children have now settled well into their new year group and are swiftly becoming experts using their new sets of chromebooks. The children are extremely lucky to have access to their own personal device daily and can now log on securely and quickly to access different activities.

Each morning the children use their Chromebook to play their daily games on Rock Stars Timetables. They are becoming amazing at this and have already improved their class stats in a matter of weeks... take a look!

They are now working on improving their 'heatmaps'. The greener the heat map turns, the better. This was the heatmap when we started using Rock Stars...watch this space for an update soon. 

We are monitoring our Rock Star status progress on our class display. Take a look when you come in for parents evening soon! 

The children have also been using Mathletics, My Book Blog and Purple Mash to extend their learning on the Chromebooks. Children have thoroughly impressed their teachers so far this term with all of their new skills.

Here is just s snippet of some of the things the Year 4s can already do on G Suite:
  • create and share new docs with members of the class
  • edit font style, size and orientation
  • insert images from the web and from the camera
  • resize and relocate objects
  • voice type
  • collaborate on a single doc with the rest of the class
  • insert and edit a table
  • locate, complete and 'turn in' assignments on Google Classroom 
  • copy and paste
  • design and insert drawings (including changing the colour, fill outline etc)
  • carry out an advanced google search
In addition to all of this, the children have worked hard on their research skills to use the internet safely and appropriately to find information. They have been identifying and checking the reliability of sources and are becoming more confident in extracting key information from websites. 

Credit must be given to the children, who have crammed in so much the past few weeks and still remember their numerous log ins. Both Miss Hamlin and I, cannot wait to see how the children will progress further using all of these tools in the classroom to ensure they are getting the best, most efficient learning experiences. 

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