Monday, 29 October 2018

Year 3 Learning Challenge for Autumn  2

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Dear Parents and Carers,
We are delighted to provide you with the Year 3 Learning Challenge for this

half of the Autumn Term.
This learning challenge gives the children the opportunity to foster a love of

learning from a number of perspectives.

It is entirely up to your child whether they select the poem, significant person,

music or painting, or a combination of all 4. They can also select the activities

that they want to attempt, though we would encourage them to be ambitious

and to deepen their learning as much as possible. Although the Learning

Challenge is entirely optional, and is in addition to the daily expectation of 15

minutes’ reading, 15 minutes’ times tables rehearsal and 15 minutes’ spellings

practice, we have found that a large proportion of children have voluntarily

taken up the challenge and have gained a great deal from it. We would therefore

greatly appreciate your encouragement to participate.

The children will receive a special Learning Challenge certificate at the end of

the half term on completion of a project that shows a significant level of effort

and challenge undertaken. Should you have any problems regarding this, or any

other issue, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely,

Miss Taylor and Mr Nicol

Learn it off by heart
Find out 10 facts about the painting/artist
Draw a portrait of the person
Listen to a piece of music
Find another poem by the poet
Produce a collage of other paintings by the artist
Produce a timeline of their life
Identify the instruments.
Create a performance as part of a pair/group
Draw a picture in similar style
Produce a poster to advertise their achievements
Research the life of the composer.
Write a short biography about the poet
Transform the medium of the painting: use collage instead of painting
Write a letter asking them about their life
Attempt to recreate the piece of music
Write your own poem inspired by the topic
Use the image as a stimulus for 100WC
Explain how the world would be without this person
A mind map of different emotions you feel at various points in the piece
Compare and contrast two poems by the poet
Describe what the painting: what it represents, how it makes you feel, what it is based on
Give five reasons for and against why they should be in ‘The Hall of Fame’
Produce a piece of art/collage based on how the music makes you feel.

Significant Person - Charles Darwin
Image result for charles darwin

Painting - The Cave Paining of Lascaux - France

Image result for the cave painting of

Music- Radetzky March

Poem - Stonehenge
by Brian Moses

I remember Stonehenge
in the days where you could still
get close to the stones.
I remember being there, seeing their bulk
and feeling their solid substance.
It was the past brought close,
I could hear the tick of time,
the heartbeat of history.

If only the stones were transmitters,
they could broadcast their story,
answer the ‘whys’ of Stonehenge,
why Salisbury Plain gained
such a monument, why it was built,
was it temple or tomb?

It only we could summon solutions
from the sky, the clouds, the hills,
from those witnesses to the march
of these monoliths, to their positioning
and their raising.

And if only we knew who built this circle,
who mourned the winter sun
as the solstice darkened the day.
Did they ever imagine the puzzle
they were leaving behind?

And I wonder again at the thread
between present and past,
at all those who have stood
by these stones, hoping to hear
some sort of message
to the living from the dead,
so one of history’s mysteries
might be solved at last.

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