Friday, 5 October 2018

Hazel test their hearing!

In this week's science lesson in Hazel, the students were testing out how sound travels. Armed with chalk and an alarm clock, they tested how far away they could hear with and without noise-cancelling headphones.

Callie realised even  before she heard the alarm clock that the headphones would stop her hearing as well, whereas Adefolawemi noticed that when you tapped the headphones with your finger it seemed to be really loud.

Giada said that she even needs a pair of the headphones to stop being kept up by her snoring sister! The students worked well together and were sensible and engaged at all time. Excellent reciprocity, Hazel!

Have a good weekend and get those reading records signed!
Mr Nicol :)

P.S. Any more parent volunteers who would like to help on Wednesday with our trip to MOD pizza restaurant, please let Mr Nicol know on Monday! Thank you!

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