Thursday, 4 October 2018

Year 4 Are Creative Super Stars!

During morning work (8:30 - 8:55) the children in Year 4 have a weekly 'self-led' session in which they choose how they would like to use their time.

Over the past weeks they have truly impressed their teachers with their creativity and independence during this time. 

Nina, Olivia and Kyla have used the Lego to build a replica of Hadrian's wall after we learnt about it in History. 

Others, set themselves a challenge to follow instructions to build  a  model from the new K'Nex which has hundreds of tricky parts.

Kiera decided to use her self-led time to write her own story on Google Docs called 'The Science Fair'. She has continued to work on it for weeks and is going to share it with me on G-Suite when she is ready for me to read it. According to Kiera, "I am going to LOVE it!"- I can't wait to read it now!

Maisy, Archie and Rayne have been patient and resilient when working on our class weaving piece.

"You have to concentrate going over under over under to make it work otherwise it all comes undone!" Archie 

Remember to get the most out of this time the children must come to School, on time, everyday! 

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