Monday, 7 June 2021

Complicated Coding in Year 4!

What a fabulous first day at school we have had! The children were so excited to find out that they had a lego coding workshop to look forward to. 

In pairs, the children built a robot from scratch by carefully following a set of instructions. We were overwhelmed with how brilliantly they worked together; they showed reciprocity and a fair amount of resilience when it got a bit tricky. 

"I love being able to build things, so this is really fun", Thomas, Ash.

"I definitely did not think that I would be building a robot at school when I woke up this morning!" Madalina, Ash.

"I have practised building at home before, but this is so much fun!" Cherry, Larch. 

"We added more to our robot to make it look even cooler," Brian, Larch. 

"I am very excited to see how this robot will move. I have never seen a real life robot", Lukas, Birch

"I love working with lego. It will be really cool to see the robot move. Maybe, one day robots will be able to do jobs for us", Kezia, Birch

Once the children had finished building their robots, they were able to start coding to instruct the robots where to go and which paths to follow. They were able to overcome bugs with their coding and used trial and error to make sure the robot followed the path correctly.

"We had to keep changing the steering angle slightly until we got it just right", Charlie, Ash

"We can control so many things about the robot moving just through an app, this is so cool," Tavia, Larch.

We could not be more proud of year 4's attitude today! Mr Hyett, who ran the workshop, said that he was incredibly impressed with what the children achieved and that even children in Key Stage 3 can struggle with building the robot, so our year 4s did so well!

Well done, year 4!

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