Friday, 25 June 2021

Dazzling Drama in Year Four!


This week, Year Four created some impressive dramas based on our story "Sugarcane Juice". Each group wrote a plan for their script, including stage directions, and performed a table read before bringing their drama to life. Glue sticks became glasses of sugarcane juice, chairs became bus seats and our students transformed into the characters of the story. A huge well done to all for the Reciprocity they showed within their groups and the dramatic, powerful performances they gave us. 

"I want to include more characters from the story to make it more interesting so I'm going to play two roles," Mia, Birch. 

"We're going to have a narrator to set the scene," Nana, Larch.

"We need to show a change in Hamids character because he is scared in the end and wants to go home," Gurrehmat, Ash.

"I need to speak loud and clear when I am performing so that everyone can hear me," David, Birch.

"Hamid needs to talk very fast and tell the bus driver about everything that happened with him. It shows he is frustrated," Jason, Ash. 

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