Thursday, 10 June 2021

Dazzling Decimals in Year Four!

This week, year four began learning about decimals alongside their fabulous fractions knowledge. We have learned all about representing our tenths and hundredths, the new place value columns to show decimals and most importantly to never move the decimal point!

We then proved how much we knew about decimals by using base ten and dienes to show our teachers tenths and hundredths and solve problems using these bits and bobs!

"Decimals are so much fun to learn about," David, Birch. 

"I like learning about decimals because it's like learning about fractions but you can use decimals with money and other important things," Nicole, Larch. 

"I know that there are ten tenths in one whole and ten hundredths in one tenth", Mia, Birch

"As long as I remember to think about my place value columns, decimals are really easy to do!", Keira, Ash 

We have also been continuing to develop our understanding of fractions in year 4.  We have been looking at how to find fractions of quantities and making sure to prove our answers using concrete objects.

"A quantity means the amount of you have. It has to be a whole or more than a whole," Archie, Birch. 

"I use multi-link cubes and counters to divide numbers when finding the fractions of a quantity," Amelia D, Larch. 

We could not be more impressed with the outstanding mathematicians in year 4! Great work! 

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