Friday, 11 June 2021

Muscle Movement in Year 3 !

In science this week ,Year 3 have been investigating how our skeletons and muscles work together in our bodies. The children have been learning about how our muscles are used to help us move, which muscles are voluntary and involuntary and what happens to our muscles when we exercise. 

The children had to complete a range of exercises as well as choose which part of their body they wanted to move to show a voluntary muscle movement. 

Korey - “Muscles enable us to move !”

Thomas - “ Our muscles are attached to our bones with tendons.”

Lorena - “Our heart uses an involuntary movement.”

Janiyah - “Voluntary movement is when we have control!”

Nikola - “My muscles in my legs are hurting after all the exercise !”

Kyla- "The biceps and triceps contract and relax when we lift up our arm."

Demi- "Blinking is an involuntary muscle movement"

Charlie- "Lifting our arms is a voluntary muscle movement"

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