Saturday, 12 June 2021

Super States of Matter in Year 4

This week in Science, children have compared and classified states of matter into solids and liquids. Below are some statements that the children discussed. 

“Humans are solids and liquids as humans have blood running through the body,” Ethan, Birch.

“Solids keep their shape and they always take the same amount of space,” Medeea , Birch.

“We can pour solids like sugar, salt, flour and sand. But each particles of solids stay the same,” Iyinope, Ash.

“You cannot hold a liquid. It usually passes through your fingers and feels wet,” Lilly L, Ash.

“Liquids change shape depending on the container they are in,” Teddie, Larch.

“If the world had no solids, we would not be able to exist,” Naiara, Larch. 

There were excellent discussions and points made. Well done Year 4!

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