Sunday, 20 June 2021

Year Four Certificates (18.06.21)


Year Four have had such a brilliant week! We have had balanced arguments, we have worked with tenths and hundredths and we have learned about how we should all accept our weirdness in life. Let's offer our congratulations to the certificate winners this week.  

E for Excellence
These children have put in 110% effort this week and really showed us how in the green zone they were with their learning. Thank you for your incredible hard-work.

Congratulations to: Harry, Elsie-Rose and Livi

Star Writer
Well done on your excellent and carefully written pieces this week. You have worked so hard at your persuasive writing and deserve to be so proud. 

Congratulations to: Tiffany, Noah and Amelia

The 4Rs 
We want to recognise the students who really exemplified the 4Rs this week, both in and out of class. 
Congratulations to: Vinney

Congratulations to: Carla and Teddie

Congratulations to: Harvy and David

Congratulations to: Medeea

Star Reader
Congratulations to: Rebeca and Tavia
Congratulations to: Cherry

I made my Teacher Happy
Congratulations to: Riley

MDA Award:
Congratulations to Hamza

All of our Rockstars Battle of the Bands Winners this week - thank you for all of your hard work! Well done to Larch who won the battle this week - with the highest class score Broadford has ever seen!

Well done to our three children who received Pen Licences this week: Amy, Victoria, Noah, Nana, Harry, Elsie-Rose, Aarna, Ethan, Chidubem and Aimee! 
We can't wait to give out more to all of our children trying their best. 

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