Friday, 18 March 2022

Science Week in Year 3


Year 3 have had an exciting Science week that has been full of fun activities and new experiences.

This year's topic is growth and the children have immersed themselves in various tasks to investigate what growth is, how quickly it happens and what it means.

Year 3 spent some time with the younger children in nursery to compare their heights. They worked with the nursery children to firstly measure each other using non-standard units before comparing the findings in a chart. 

We researched exercise to investigate if doing physical activity is important for children. Doing this activity got the children thinking about the different ways that people can exercise outdoors, as well as some more unusual ways that we can keep fit.

After the children had completed their research, they went outside to put their plans into action! 

Once outside, they used their resourcefulness and reciprocity skills to set up and test out their exercises on themselves and each other.

On Thursday, we took our learning outside of the classroom to complete a scientific enquiry all about our skeletons, thinking about and discussing, do bones grow?

The children used chalk to draw around each other before thinking about the bones and where they are positioned inside the body.

'As we get older, we get taller.' - Megan 
'Flowers need food, water and sun to be able to grow.' - Shivanshi

'My favourite activity was drawing the bones in the skeleton' - Victoria

'The outside gym was really fun and we got to exercise' - Lewis

“I predict that year 3 will be taller than nursery as you grow every day.” Flynn

“We need to exercise and eat well to help us grow.” Amber 

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