Wednesday, 23 March 2022

Science Week - Year 4 and Reception

This Year's Science Week theme was GROWTH. Year 4 and Reception were buddy classes during Science Week last week and had such a great time learning together!

Activity 1: The children from Year 4 came down to Reception to measure the difference between their feet and hands. The children in Year 4 were paired up with children in Reception and they supported the children with drawing around the outside of their feet/hands and counting along a ruler. 

The children in Year 4 then recorded their data ready to graph and analyze! 


On Red Nose Day, in partnership with Science Week, the buddy classes met up again for a mile run in the sunshine! The Reception children sure put the Year 4's in their paces as they sped around the field. 

A Reception Scientist was around to help out!

'I loved having a buddy in Reception, it was great fun!' Isla, Larch

'It's funny how people grow at completely different rates, you could be in Reception and have bigger feet than someone in Year 4!' David, Ash

Well done to both Reception and Year 4 for a great, fun filled, Science Week! 

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