Thursday, 24 March 2022

Year 3's Magnificent Measurements!

This week, year 3 have been exploring length and perimeter. On Monday, they developed their understanding of measuring using metre sticks! They explored how they would use metre sticks by going outside and looking at different objects inside the classroom to investigate which objects they would measure using a metre stick. They began to understand that they would use metre sticks for larger objects and used their reflectiveness skills to compare metre sticks with rulers. We then looked at how we can use metres and centimeters together when measuring their height! They worked in groups to measure each other's height and used their skills from their statistic lessons to create a table to record their data. 

'We use metre sticks for larger objects like a table in class.' - Larissa 

'We use rulers for smaller items like rubbers and pencils.' - Asher 

'It was fun to measure each other and compare our heights!' - Karimah 

Next week, they will continue to consolidate their understanding of length and perimeter and when they come back in Summer, they will move on to fun fractions!

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