Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Perfect Poetry in Year 3


The Year 3 children have been having a fabulous time, immersing themselves in our poetry topic. After learning all about the features of different poetry, we introduced the children to a selection of Michael Rosen poems, which they found hilarious!

The children then used their reflectiveness skills to create their own poems in the style of Michael Rosen's poem, Down Behind the Dustbin. Next, we moved on to discussing and exploring different shape poems, after spending some time being resourceful and experimenting with different shape poems, the children had a go at writing a shape poem of their own about Mount Vesuvius, which linked with our Literacy text.

The children finished their poetry topic with outstanding performances of The Boneyard Rap by Wes Magee, which was some of the best performances that the Year 3 staff have ever seen!

It was so much fun learning poetry - Miraz

My favourite poem was 'Down Behind the Dustbin' because it was so funny - Billie

"I love poetry." - Annabel

"That was so much fun!" - Elyakim 

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