Friday, 18 March 2022

Year 3 Certificate Winners! 18.3.22


This week has been an exciting week in year 3! They have started a new topic in Maths, length and perimeter, learning all about measurement and the equipment we use to measure different objects. 

In Literacy, they have been writing fantastic newspaper articles about our book, Escape from Pompeii and in Science they have been learning all about human and animal skeletons! 

As always, it has been so tricky to pick just a few children to give awards to as all of our children have worked incredibly hard, but we do have our week 4 certificate winners. 

E for Excellence - Alfie, Asher and Eivis. 

Star Writer - Oliver, Eleni and Amber. 

Teacher Happy - Rosie and Lilli-Rose. 

Presentation - Lucas. 

4 R's -   Larissa and Victoria. 

Rockstar certificates - Zuriel, Oliver, Liam, Elise, Lexi, Shivanshi, Larissa, Ralph, Poppy, Camila, Kolby, Eleni, Manuella, Callum, Hashir, Chisom, Kenzie, Irfan, Alex, Scarlett, Lily-Anne, Maxi, Meerab, Faramde, Pranvav, Amber, Eddie, Rosie, Karimah, Eivis, Elyakim, Faramade, Flynn and Mahdi. 

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you back for week 5! 

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