Thursday, 3 March 2022

World Book Day in Year Four!

What a brilliant celebration we have had in Year Four today celebrating World Book Day. Thank you so much to all of our grown ups and children for the amazing efforts that were put into our costumes and in finding books for our book swap. 

Between writing marvellous poetry, to reading to key stage 1 children, to our whole year group reads, it has been a busy but wonderful week. Year Four have shown themselves to be absolute superstars when it comes to reading, writing and enjoying storytelling!

Here are a selection of photos from our week to share with you all at home. 

Ash Class Round-up!

Mr. Wolfs, Cruella, Thanos, Harley Quinn, Venom - Bad Guys or Good Guys?! Great costumes though!

Our Fairytale Superstars!
Sherlock Holmes; on the case!
Gryffindor House of Ash Class.... and a sneaky Mad Hatter!
Two Harry Potters... or dementors?!

Ash Class reading time... the one peaceful part of an exciting day!



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