Monday, 1 July 2019

Year 4 Sample Sugarcane Juice!

As part of our Literacy unit, the children have been immersing themselves in Pakistani culture to enable them to effectively write an episode of a story. The story they have been focusing on is 'Sugarcane juice' whereby Hamid, a young boy who sells sugarcane juice, becomes trapped on a perilous bus journey...

This got us all wondering, what does sugarcane juice even taste/smell like? Luckily for us, Laicey told us that she was able to source this unusual drink from her dad and kindly brought some in for us to taste! 

This was very exciting for us all and supported the children in creating effective descriptions in their writing. We were all able to smell the exact aroma that would have been on Hamid's journey and felt the sticky substance that would have been all over the floor when the bus driver lost control! 

The verdict was 50/50 in the classrooms as to whether we liked sugarcane juice or not. It certainly seemed to split opinion with some labelling it 'gross' whilst others thought it was 'delicious'.

A big thank you to Laicey and her family for bringing this treat in and supporting our literacy work!

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