Sunday, 28 February 2021

Year 3 Google Meets WB 1.3.21


Welcome to our last week of online learning! 

Here is the timetable of our Google Meets sessions for the week beginning Monday 1st March 2021.

These are subject to minor changes just regards to any absences or technology issues but if they aren't with the adult below they will be with another.

We will post the link to the Google Meets at just before the session everyday on Google Classroom.

There will be some booster groups happening throughout the week so please keep an eye on the stream.

Monday - Miss Thomas does Maths at 9.30am

Tuesday - Mrs Bamgboye does English at 10.45am

Wednesday - Miss Thomas does English at 10.45am

Thursday -  Miss Barnard does Maths at 9.30am

Friday - Mrs Doughty does Maths at 9.30am

Don't forget to look out on the stream for message direct to you about your reading day and any extra sessions your teachers may schedule with you.

Any issues or questions please contact us at

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