Friday, 2 July 2021

Year 4 Certificates - 02.07.21


Year 4's learning this week was outstanding. In literacy, we wrote our own tension-filled pieces based off Sugarcane Juice, and in maths we worked on tenths and hundredths again: comparing and ordering them, or dividing digits by 10 and 100. 

E for Excellence
These children have put in 110% effort this week and really showed us how in the green zone they were with their learning. Thank you for your incredible hard-work.

Congratulations to: Dhriti, Noah and Medeea

Star Writer
Well done on your excellent and carefully written tension pieces this week. 

Congratulations to: Thomas, Victoria and Tyler


The 4Rs 

We want to recognise the students who really exemplified the 4Rs this week, both in and out of class. 


Congratulations to: Cherry, Emily

Congratulations to: Layla and Kayden

Congratulations to: Srinika

Congratulations to:

I Made My Teacher Happy
Congratulations to: Larch class, and Rebeca

MDA Award
Congratulations to: Elsie-Rose

All of our Rockstars Battle of the Bands Winners this week - thank you for all of your hard work! Well done!

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