Wednesday, 15 December 2021

Year 3 Super Scientists !

This week in science we have been learning how light travels in straight lines and how opaque objects create shadows as the light is being blocked by the opaque object. We tested different materials to see if they were opaque and created a shadow, translucent and let some light through or transparent and you were clearly able to see through them .We then decided which materials would be useful for different sources, for example, an opaque pair of curtains in a baby’s bedroom but a transparent piece of glass for a window with a lovely view. The children showed great reciprocity skills, working together to test the different materials and draw conclusions from their investigation.

Francesca - “The paper is opaque. The light can not shine through!"

Pranav - “Translucent materials let light through but you can't see through it clearly!"

Areya -"Transparent materials let light through clearly."

Camila -" Opaque objects create a shadow !"

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