Friday, 6 January 2017

Broadford Paralympics

Broadford Paralympics

Ambitious Aims

Broadford Paralympics is designed for those children willing to engage in new experiences, welcome a challenge and collaborate with others to accomplish great things. Reflecting the intense excitement of the Paralympics, the children will recreate and participate in a range of Paralympic sports, from blind football to wheelchair volleyball. By the end of the course, the children may acquire a whole new perspective on sport and truly admire our inspirational idols who compete in the games.

Amazing Activities

·     Introduction to the Broadford Paralympics
·     Blind football
·     Wheelchair football
·     Wheelchair volleyball
·     Wheelchair handball
·     Blind basketball
·     Wheelchair basketball
·     Blind obstacle
·     Blind archery
·     Blind running

Fantastic Finale

The finale: video footage of the skills children have acquired throughout the course of Broadford Paralympics. It will not only showcase the children engaging in a variety of sports, but will also display a variety of information, highlighting awareness and educating us on the Paralympic games.

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