Thursday, 19 January 2017

Volcano making in Year 3

This half term, Year 3's topic in Geography is Volcanoes. For our 'WOW' lesson, the children made their very own volcanoes which they will also be erupting - how exciting! 
To make our volcanoes, we started with a water bottle, newspaper and paper mache. We had to have a lot of patience and things did get a bit sticky to begin with. After leaving our volcanoes for a week, it was finally time to paint them.

'My favourite bit was when we got to paint the volcanoes! I liked painting the lava on because it made it look like a real volcano' - Sophie, Hazel.

'I really liked making the volcanoes, especially when we had to use the paper mache' - Ketty, Sequoia.

'I can't wait to erupt our volcanoes! I am so excited!' - Adam, Hazel.

Keep your eyes out for next week when we will erupt the volcanoes!

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