Sunday, 8 January 2017

Broadford University - Cracking Clay Club

Cracking Clay Club

Ambitious Aims

Cracking Clay Club is an exciting course tailored especially for children. Across the weeks, the children will master a number of skills in order for them to graduate as conquerors of clay! The course will start with the clay basics where the children will learn how to create pots using the pinching method. As the children progress throughout the course, the tasks will become more challenging as they learn how to coil, slip and score. The children will be well practiced in using a range of materials to paint and decorate their clay creations in order to ultimately make their ‘Fantastic Finale’.

Amazing Activities

·        Pinch Pots
·        Coil Turtles
·        Painting and Decorating
·        Slab Pots
·        Clay Animals
·        Painting and Decorating
·        Monster Faces
·        Painting and Decorating
·        Colourful Cupcakes

Fantastic Finale

Colourful Cupcakes: The children will apply all of their clay crafting skills to create fabulous looking cupcakes. They will decorate and paint them to make an array of colourful cupcakes. 

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