Monday, 16 January 2017

Willow class star writer

Willow Class Star Writer

Despite Willow making it increasingly difficult to select one star writer, we are proud to announce that Deniz Huseyin has stolen the title. Deniz has produced an absolutely phenomenal retell based on the story of The Bogeymen and the Trolls next door. Not only did he manage to incorporate the features expected of him: paragraphs to structure his writing, varied openers, alternative nouns, correctly punctuated speech and even our chilli challenge this week, to use a tell: show 3 and a show not tell, BUT he also implemented humour into his writing! 

In consideration of the humour threaded throughout his work, I particularly liked: 
'Dave had bad memories of Trolls. Once, he went to a shop and got humiliated by a Troll for what he was wearing (a yellow t-shirt with flowers).'

Keep up the great work Deniz. I can't wait to now read your new episode of the Bogey and the Trolls!

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