Thursday, 12 January 2017

University of Broadford: Scintillating Circus Skills

Scintillating Circus Skills

Ambitious Aims

Scintillating Circus Skills will give pupils an opportunity to discover new, lifelong talents. The 10-week course focuses on juggling and diabolo, both of which improve hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. At the end of the course, the new graduates will showcase their skills to the rest of a school in a performance. Pupils will need to be aware that 'being good at it' is unlikely to happen after one session. A growth mindset is absolutely vital for success!

Amazing Activities

·     Diabolo Basics
·     Diabolo Basic Practice
·     Diabolo Throws
·     Diabolo Tricks
·     Juggling Basics
·     Juggling Basic Practice
·     Juggling Development
·     Performance practice
·     Performance practice and rehearsal

Fantastic Finale

The finale of the course will demonstrate the skills the pupils have learnt. With the thrill of having an audience before them, the graduates will opt to show off their juggling skills or their diabolo skills in a fun and impressive way that is sure to dazzle their peers.

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