Friday, 20 January 2017

Willow Class Star Writer

Willow class are proud to announce the wonderful Caydon Buckland as our star writer this week. Surprise surprise... All of Willow's writing was amazing. However, Caydon strived to produce the best piece of narrative writing possible during last weeks big write: fully focusing, engaging and participating in the lesson. As a result, Caydon produced a phenomenal piece of writing based on a new episode for the Troll and Bogey children. Successfully, he included a range of interesting sentence openers, speech and even met both of our chilli challenges: use a show not tell and tell:show 3. At one point, I even questioned whether he had swallowed a dictionary, due to the extensive array of vocabulary he was sharing with his peers.  Caydon, it is evident that when you commit and put 110% effort into your learning, you can achieve outstanding things! Keep up the great work, I expect similar outcomes in the future.

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