Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Natural History Museum - Year 3 Trip

Year 3 had a wonderful day at the Natural History museum last week! 
We started our day off by exploring the museum first. We were lucky enough to visit most areas of the museum; dinosaurs, creepy crawlies, mammals & birds and the human body. The children loved making links to their own learning and were particularly excited (some scared) about the life-size and very realistic T-Rex in the dinosaur area.

"I couldn't believe how much the T-Rex looked like a real dinosaur! It was scary!" - Adam, Hazel.

Year 3 were also amazed at the life-size model of a Blue Whale in the 'mammals' area. We enjoyed exploring the birds too where many children discovered birds they had never heard of or even seen!

"Is that really how big a Blue Whale is? That can't be true!" - Conner, Sequoia.

We ended our time at the museum by being shown an Earthquake and Volcano demonstration. Pupils were told how earthquakes and volcanoes can occur. Some children were lucky enough to be picked to test out different equipment that measures earthquakes and volcanoes! 
Year 3 had an amazing day exploring and discovering new facts! Let's hope they remember everything they have learned for our Volcano and Earthquake topic this term!

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