Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Marvellous measuring

This week in Willow maths, we are focusing on measuring, estimating and converting length. Yesterday we focused in on why we have standard units of measure. To begin, the children decided on the form of measurement they wanted to use to measure a range of objects, whether that be in cubits, hand spans, thumbs etc. After Miss Taylor measured the table at 8 hands long and Daniel Tonu measured the same table at 9 and a bit hands long, we soon realised it's an inaccurate and unreliable way to measure.

Today we have been estimating lengths of various objects in the class, before seeing how close our estimations were: chairs, glue sticks and even the width of the classroom formed part of the measuring list. The children were also presented with a HUGE piece of paper. They were asked  to estimate and draw lines of certain lengths without rulers before then drawing and comparing their lines to the actual lengths, as shown in the pictures below. 

Incredibly, the children were pretty accurate. Super impressed with you all as always Willow! 

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