Thursday, 8 June 2017

Year 4 Cast Their Votes!

In preparation for today's general election, year 4 were given a crash course in how everything in the political world works! With the help of Mr Lander and Mr Nicol, the students mused over the party's policies on economy, health and social care, education, immigration, and other party-specific details.

Once each student had chosen their preferred party, they split off into groups and elected their candidate to stand in our general election. The 4 very brave candidates then had the opportunity to speak to their audience on why the people of Britain should vote for them!
There were some fantastic, fierce debating from both the candidates and the audience members about the policies of each party and how they would benefit the country in the best way.

After hearing each party candidate speak, the audience were invited to vote for whichever party they preferred! After the whole process, there were some very strong supporters of all the parties. "I definitely know who I'm voting for when I'm old enough!" exclaimed Fabian from Birch. The children engaged with the afternoon very well, and it gave them an insight into the current world of British politics.

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