Sunday, 11 June 2017

Willow Class Star Writer

Willow Class Star Writer

This week in Willow, our star writer is the phenomenal Samanyu Handoo. Before half term, we were focusing on newspaper articles in order to eventually create our own. To begin with, we published an article on the opening of Dr Barnardo's homes. Following this, on the last Friday of term, we completed a progress test to assess how well we had grasped the features of newspaper articles. This time, the children had to imagine that they were adults and had achieved an amazing feat, which was being reported about. Mr Handoo decided to write about his future feat as a cricket star and managed to score an amazing 84/87 on it! Remarkable.

Samanyu was able to incorporate the features of a newspaper article: successfully, he created a coherent 5W paragraph, used the passive voice throughout and ensured he was consistent in applying a journalist tone. Samanyu, you had me hooked throughout your article and maybe one day, you will become a cricket star, and this article will be published. Thank you for making your article a pleasure to read, keep up the great writing! 

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