Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Time for a story mountain...

In Willow this term, we are studying an episode called 'Sugarcane Juice.' This story, which is set in Pakistan, is about a young boy named Hamid who follows a conjurer onto an ancient, gaudy bus, mesmerised by his tricks. However, without realising, the bus leaves the station with Hamid still sat in a daze, before he realises he is stuck! Following a mishap on the bus, Hamis is left stranded with no money to get him home.

The children have shown great engagement in the story so far. They have been astounded by the buses that are used to travel around Pakistan, discovering that these buses can be particularly dangerous and their passengers include animals! 

Samanyu Handoo has shared with us a presentation, Finley Livingstone has shared with us a rupee and Asroosh Valliani has even brought in some Pakistani food. At home, he concocted some green chutney and I've got to say, it was absolutely delicious. Thank you Mrs Valliani!

Today, we looked at how our episode could progress. The children knew their story needed a build up, in order to create suspense and tension, a realistic problem 1, a major problem 2 and a resolution so the episode could be continued. In order to gather a plan, they worked with their partner to develop and experiment with a range of ideas, allowing them to see how their episode might look. 

Great work Willow, keep it up! 

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