Friday, 30 June 2017

Team-building in Birch Class

Yesterday, Birch Class were set an activity that demanded an understanding of all 4 of our Rs: resourcefulness, reflectiveness, resilience, and reciprocity.

The task was simple: in groups of 3/4, build the tallest tower possible using polystyrene cups, a piece of card, and a pair of scissors in 10 minutes.

Put into groups with other student that they wouldn't normally work with, Birch Class demonstrated coolness under the pressure of time. There were some fantastic designs and approaches to the task which showed a great deal of teamwork, resourcefulness and patience. Our growth mindsets were really tested.

As we work towards are target of being kind and polite to everyone we meet, this task really showed the students who were able to work successfully no matter who they we paired with.

Olivia B enjoyed this team-building so much that she was prepared to give up her iPad time for it! Great enthusiasm Olivia, and great reciprocity Birch Class.

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